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"It makes me LOVE going to the dentist"

10/24/2013 The whole team, including the doctors, are very professional and friendly all the time! It is such a pleasant atmosphere - it makes me LOVE going to the dentist. I never have to wait more than a few minutes to see the doctor. I feel very cared for and heard whenever I am there. And they are always considerate to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. I've never been to a dentist that I LOVE more! Not to mention, they do a fabulous job at what they do! I would highly recommend Olde Schaumburg Dental to anyone!
Angela P. - Schaumburg


"OSD gets it"

I can't tell you how happy I am to have finally found a dental team that is first rate in customer satisfaction and dental care. My former dentist retired and I have spent the last several years going from one dental chair to another. Just because a doctor is good is not enough for me to continue to visit. Everyone on staff has a role to make one's visit as comfortable as possible. OSD gets it.
Tracye D. - Chicago


"I know I'll get top quality care"

I was a patient here in the early 80's, when I lived in the area. When I moved, I went to another dentist. Well, a couple others. But after the last one screwed up (I think he had a drinking problem) I went back to Dr. Stump. So now I make a 60 minute trip to the dentist. Because I know I'll get top quality care.
Len W. - Oswego


"They didn't make me feel self conscious at all"

This office is great! From the moment you walk in, you feel comfortable. I needed a lot of work done, and they didn't make me feel self conscious at all. The staff is very professional and caring. I've seen both doctors, and they're both very thorough, and want to make sure you know each step of a procedure, and they explain everything thoroughly.
Carrie F. - Schaumburg


"I will definitely be a regular"

I was a little nervous about going to the dentist since I have not been to one in a long time... The staff was very informative, professional, and super friendly. I will definitely be a regular. Awesome dentist office.
Abraham V. - Schaumburg


"I can't recommend Olde Schaumburg Dental enough"

Dr. Turnwald and his assistant, Terri, were incredible. Terri brought me their iPad with noise-cancelling headphones so I could crank up some music on Pandora to cover the sound of the handpiece (read: drill). Turns out, when you can't hear the WHIRRR of the drill, you barely notice when it's on. I can't recommend Olde Schaumburg Dental enough. They've turned this nervous nellie in to a confident dental patient. I know at my next appointment, everyone will remember my name, the staff will be so friendly, and most importantly, it will be painless.
Carrie S. - Schaumburg


"The most professional, experienced dental office I've ever been too"

I'm not one to write a review but I've been to Olde Schaumburg dental on 4 different occasions now and they are the most professional, experienced dental office I've ever been too. The staff there is amazing and very friendly.
Ryan W. - Hoffman Estates


"Your teeth will look fantastic!"

This is a dental office like no other I have been to. It is really special. My issues included several very long appointments, including one that lasted six hours. Dr. Turnwald and Terri always made sure I was comfortable. Dr. T even gave me his cell phone number to call him over the long holiday weekend in case I had any pain or needed anything. He wasn't even on call that weekend but wanted to make sure that if I needed something, he could help me. I had no pain and didn't need to call him, but really, how many dentists would do that?! Only one that I know, Dr. T. If you're looking for a remarkable and talented dentist in a practice where people are nice, kind and gentle, this is the best place to come. You will not be disappointed and your teeth will look fantastic! Thank you Dr. T., Terri and Jim, you guys have changed my life and have helped me to find my smile again!
Kim C. - Hoffman Estates


"This was the best Dentist Visit I've ever had...you don’t normally hear that from someone who had a Root Canal"

I highly recommend Olde Schaumburg Dental, and as a matter of fact, I have already told friends and family. This was the best Dentist Visit I've ever had, and you don’t normally hear that from someone who had a Root Canal done.
Lori E. - Schaumburg


"No need to look any further - Olde Schaumburg Dental is the BEST choice"

I cannot speak highly enough about this practice. My anxiety gone, I'm finally optimistic about taking proper care of my teeth and looking forward to improving my smile with the guidance of Dr. Turnwald. No need to look any further - Olde Schaumburg Dental is the BEST choice.
Mitch D. - Chicago


"They're great!"

Everything went great! I can safely say that this is the best dentist I've ever been to. If you don't like the dentist and you've been avoiding making a dentist appointment, you should really call this place. They're great!
Nick B. - Streamwood


"The best dental service I have ever had"

This has place has provided the best dental service I have ever had. I am one of those people who avoids going to the dentist because of fear hearing the word cavity. They were so friendly when I got there for my first visit, even at 6:45AM. I would recommended this place to anyone nervous about seeing a doctor if it has been awhile because I never felt judged by them.
Jess S. - Hoffman Estates


From Decay, To Fillings, To Crowns, To Bridges, To Partials ... To A Denture ... With Olde Schaumburg Dental

I have been under the care of Dr. Stump at Olde Schaumburg Dental for several years and he has kept my teeth and mouth healthy and restored during those many years. I am at a point where I finally, with his guidance, had to go to a top denture and lower partial, and I have spent a good many days and hours in his dental chair over the last several months. What I thought would be a very tramatic experience has been a very good experience because of the explanations, care and wonderful support of the entire staff. I am nearing the end and I am close to getting my permanant denture and the journey has been good. My new smile is going to be beautiful, and I feel that my mouth will be healthy, my teeth will be lovely and no one will even know that they are not my real teeth! I have never been so pleased before with any of the other multiple dental groups and dentists I have been to, as I am with the care and support I have received over the years from Olde Schaumburg Dental. By SUSAN S., Mar 23, 2011 - Huntley


A Great Dentist Experience

Several years ago I moved to the Schaumburg area and in searching for a Dentist I found Dr. Stump. I used to have a pretty serious fear of Dentists but that quickly diminished with Dr. Stump. He is very gentle, calming and professional, and I had quite a bit of work that needed to get done. I recommend him to everyone I know...and specifically someone with Dental fears. If I ever move I will return just to go to the Dentist! And to top it off, his staff is wonderful as well. By LESA, Mar 31, 2011 - Chicago


Best in dental experience.

I came in for a dental visit and I had not seen my dentist in many years. The staff here are very polite, pleasant and professional. After getting my initial teeth cleaned, I had concerns on the condition of my teeth and inquired from my dentist. My dentist gave me suggestions in order to improve my teeth and gave me the choice in order either accept or not consider any further treatment. After my dentist informed me of my benefits of doing further treatment, I considered it and I am very pleased with the outcome. I would highly recomend Dr. Stump and his professional team to anyone considering future dental care. By Phillip, Mar 30, 2011


Taken from Yelp.com

I've been going to Dr. Stump for years. The office as a whole is unmatched in attentiveness and service. The good doctor, and the staff, are knowledgeable, friendly, and sensitive to patient's needs. They will clearly explain to you the "current state of your mouth" and advise you on dental hygiene. In addition, the office has a cozy feel to it helping make the "dreaded trip to the dentist" comfortable and calming. Truly a pillar of the community, I highly recommend Dr. Stump (Olde Schaumburg Dental Care) for all of your dental needs.


Taken from Yelp.com

I was a patient with Dr. Latour for three years and was very much impressed with the impeccable service and professionalism of the office. As a previous reviewer mentioned, Dr. Latour is a very gorgeous and fabulous woman! She always treated me very warmly and took time to explain things in detail. My hygienist, Leah, would always greet me with a friendly smile and offer me an aromatherapy neck pillow for my time in the chair. Small things like this set this place apart from the other players. Absolutely the best dentist I've ever had...I wish I could've taken Dr. Latour and Leah with me when I moved!


Taken from Yelp.com

"There is hardly anything worse in life than going to the dentist" - my mother to me before nearly every appointment of my life.

Needless to say, I've been TERRIFIED of the dentist my entire life.

It had been six years (yes, I know...) since I went to the dentist. Enter Dr. Turnwald.

Dr. Turnwald was highly recommended to me by a friend. I decided I should probably grow up, face my fear, and just go... So I made an appointment. They have plenty of office hours, including later in the evening as well as Saturdays (yay for working people!).

Fast forward a week: que the anxious and terrified patient...

I was greeted by the friendly staff who welcomed me to the office and gave me all my 'new patient' paperwork right away. They took care of all my insurance, which is great, because I hardly know anything about it. The waiting room was comfortable. Although I have to say I didn't wait long.

Dr. Turnwald introduced himself, but couldn't get too far before I cut him off and told him how nervous I was. He assured me everything would be fine. The office was clean and well organized. Then the moment of truth... I have to get into the chair and start the exam. Dr. Turnwald was patient and dealt with all my anxiety so well which put me at ease. He took the time to explain everything that he was doing and what it all meant. The assistant was also very patient and helpful when doing all the x-rays, and throughout the whole appointment.

Overall, a great visit. I would have to say I'll probably even go back for my 6 month appointment. The staff is very friendly and makes you feel like a VIP from the minute you walk in the door. Dr. Turnwald was very professional, thorough, and never made me feel bad about my...um...lack of dental appointments over the past 6 years. And bonus... NO CAVITIES! :)


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